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With the dawn of 2021 we are also warming up with classified ads. The thought that pops up when thinking about online advertising always centers around Craigslist. Its alternatives are widely searched since it popularised classifieds.

Here is the list of the top 10 for that.


Locanto is another popular website in the region of the online marketplace. Lookwise it is quite similar to Trovit focusing on enhancing user experience. Here posting ads is for free contingent on creating an account.

You can easily log in to an existing account. Creating the account is also quite simple as there is an option of logging in using google. It took me exactly 21 seconds to have my account up and running. One of its uniqueness is the ability to read and respond to messages within the website without needing to share personal information.

There are also categories such as classes, community, and events.


Trovit is by far the most beautiful website in this list with a interface that matches 2021 too. In our opinion Trovit gets 100/100 for designing. It also centres around the same idea as Craigslist. It is an online marketplace that lures users through its modern take on classifieds. Like all the major craigslist alternatives, it also has multiple categories and sub-categories.

Most of the websites here are just Online Classifieds. Trovit also acts as a search engine for other online ads. They also have a very active support and act immediately on fake ads. It is also available on android and ios devices.


The most popular website here is Oodle. It is quite complicated to use if you are new to websites like Craigslist. But after using it for a while you will get a hang of it as we did.

The only give you limited categories. The most popular ones are real estate, cars, merchandise, rentals, real estate, and jobs. The other sections consist of pets and vehicles.

To post ads it is compulsory to create an account. There are two ways of creating account, using email or through your facebook account. After posting 2-3 ads, linking of account with facebook is required.

4. tops the list here. The major thing that works in its favour is its catchy name along with the simplicity and ease while using the website. The most distinctive facto is that you can submit guest posts without even signing up to the website.

The posting process is very simple, first choosing the category and subcategory which also makes it easier to filter out the ads.

The website is also backed with analytics that gives you an insight on how many views are on your ads and also suggests changes that will make the ads more attractive. The platform is also scam free.


Gumtree is another compact website which is very easy to navigate. Here to an account is necessary to post an ad. Multiple options are available to create an account. Among them are Facebook or Google credentials. You can also register via your personal email address.

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While most of its features are similar to craigslist, here tracking of packages is also available. Gumtree calls itself a community rather than a marketplace. It is also a quite apt blogging platform.


Recycler is an online marketplace that shows you ads based on your current geographical location. This also makes it similar to your local newspaper’s classified ads section. The listings are categorized well, and the website is also not very complicated.

There are also many options to make ads more attractive alongwith options to add photos too. Since it is also location based, most of the unwanted ads are already filtered. The website covers almost every categories, but the most common and ads filled categories here are pets and jobs. It also supports multiple devices equipped with QR codes to make the transactions faster.

7. is a simple website that is mainly focused on easing the user to navigate around. Just click on  “Publish Your Ad.” and select the category and describe your ad within 5000 words.

Everything in this website is straightforward from posting ads to searching them. While searching for ads, the process is really simple. You select your country, your city  and then the category showing all the products available.

The surprising sections or services here are fitness and learning. As a starter we recommend you to go with


Geebo in a whole consists of everything you need in a website. It has a clean and simple user interface, also a simple search filter too. Geebo is very forgiving to newbies. For both ends of the spectrum whether posting or viewing ads, Geebo is highly recommended.

All the ads are reviewed first before being posted eliminating the possibilities of scams and frauds which is common with most marketplaces. There are blogs dedicated to staying away from scams that you will find in this website too. In this regard, the website is very transparent. The Website is quite popular in the United States, Canada and the UK.


When you visit Ebackpage it will automatically redirect you to your locality, This nifty trick makes the transaction and searching very easy and efficient. Add posting is also very direct and easy. You can go to the “Post your classified” page directly through the homepage.

You can add a maximum of 5 photos here. A simple ad can be posted for free, it also offers premium ad service to make the ad reach a wider audience. The cost of premium ads is also different based on various factors. The whole pricing model is also clearly explained. An account is required to add a listing.


Hoobly impresses is the most impressive in terms of simplicit. The moment that you have landed on its homepage, you’d see right away “Free Classified Ads.” While most of the websites require a certain amount for adding photos to the listing, here it is completely free to add photos in your listing.

Here an option to create a premium account is available too giving more flexibility to you while posting ads. You can create an account. However, if you don’t want an account, you can proceed with ad posting without an account. It is among the less popular craigslist alternatives in the list.

The Conclusion – Each of them have unique qualities

Go ahead and try them out! We are sure you will come across some great classified websites here. One of the websites here will surely meet all your needs.

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